Boiler Services in London

02 Jan. 23

Advice on Maintaining Boiler Health and Efficiency

Industrial boilers are pressure systems that heat water for use in heating buildings by burning combustible fuel or using electrical resistance heating elements. Preventative measures are essential if you want your boiler system to last. Here are some boiler maintenance guidelines from EJ Gas, a reputable company that specializes in boiler services london:

Maintain the current level of intensity

Over time, the pressure in the boiler and the rest of the heating system will decrease. If the pressure is too low, the boiler won’t turn on, and if it’s too high, the pipes and other components will be stressed beyond their limits. If you just keep an eye on the boiler’s pressure gauge, you should be OK. Maintain a reading of between 1 and 1.5 bars on the gauge. If the pressure in the boiler drops below this level, it will need to be increased. It is recommended that you reference the handbook for your boiler to learn the correct procedure for raising the pressure. Choosing the Boiler Services in London is essential here.

Schedule a checkup every year.

At least once a year, you should have your boiler and heating system inspected and maintained. Boilers need to be serviced once a year to maintain the warranty. Checking the boiler on a regular basis will ensure that it continues to operate efficiently and safely.


EJ Gas knows how important it is to keep the boiler running smoothly, therefore our teams in every city throughout the UK are always ready to help with maintenance and repairs of any sort. We cannot emphasise the need of regular boiler maintenance enough, especially given our growing list of happy clients and our wealth of knowledge in this area. Therefore, as an industrial utility service provider, EJ Gas Plumbing and Heating has given you with the following guidelines for keeping your boilers in good working order. This will be helpful to you in many ways.