LPG Gas Certificate in London

06 Sep. 22

Why Do Landlords Need a Gas Safety Certificate On A Rental Property?

Your gas safety certificate is one of the most important documents you’ll need as a landlord, both for legal purposes and to protect your tenants. Keeping up with gas inspections and providing a record to tenants are among your first responsibilities when renting out property.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

If you rent out your property in London, you must have a valid gas safety certificate to demonstrate that the gas appliances, chimneys, and flues are safe and that there is adequate ventilation.

A gas safety certificate may also be referred to as a CORGI Proforma or CP12. This dates back to the days when CORGI was in charge of ensuring the safety of all gas appliances in a home.

What Does A Gas Safety Inspection Necessarily Involve?

All gas appliances, including boilers, cookers, and fireplaces, will be inspected by the gas engineer. They will also inspect the property’s pipework, chimneys, and flues. This includes the following checks:

  • All appliances are operating in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and all safety devices are operational.
  • Appliances are properly connected to the gas supply, and the gas burns properly.
  • Flues and chimneys effectively remove the fumes produced by gas combustion.
  • The room has adequate and consistent ventilation to allow the gas to burn properly.
  • The gas pipelines are in good condition and have no leaks.
  • A gas safety inspection differs from a gas boiler service. Every year, we advise our landlords to have their boilers serviced.

Do You Require A Gas Safety Certificate Right Away?

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