Businesses using gas-powered commercial catering equipment have a responsibility to maintain the safety of their equipment. Gas appliance safety is crucial because a gas explosion or carbon monoxide leak from a malfunctioning appliance could harm not only you and your staff but also the general public.

The official term for the Gas Safety Inspection of your commercial catering appliances is a CP42 or Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate.

Why you should get a certified annual Gas Safety Certificate check

Did you know that it is a legal requirement for an employer to ensure that all gas appliances, pipes, and flues under their control are maintained by a Gas Safe Registered engineer who possesses the necessary training? Our gas engineers at EJ Gas Plumbing & Heating are licensed and qualified to keep your kitchen in compliance.

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Specialists in Catering & LPG Gas Certificates:

We offer commercial gas safety certificates to catering establishments throughout London.

Our catering engineers have extensive experience providing LPG gas safe compliance certificate documents for mobile catering trailers and vans and are Gas Safe registered.

It’s crucial that your kitchen and outbuildings have current commercial gas safety certificates if you run a catering business and use commercial cooking equipment. We can offer you a certified commercial catering gas safety certificate whether you’re an individual operating a small business or a large organization with multiple locations.

With EJ Gas Plumbing & Heating, obtaining a commercial gas safety certificate for your gas appliances has never been simpler. Simply give us a call, and we’ll send a fully qualified, gas-safe registered engineer to your location who can provide you with a commercial gas safety certificate.


When does a commercial facility need a Gas Safe Compliance Certificate?

You have a legal duty to ensure the safety of your installation and appliances if you are a landlord or run a business that uses gas. You can show that you are a responsible person by having a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer inspect the gas safety of your building on a regular basis, ideally once a year.

It’s not simple to start and run a commercial kitchen. A top-notch chef, staff, and adequate supplies of equipment are just a few of the things required. The licenses and obtaining a gas safety certificate are the two most crucial components of a commercial kitchen. After meeting certain requirements, the government issues licenses and certificates. Your commercial kitchen may be inspected by representatives of the governing body to determine whether it adheres to the required standards. Every commercial kitchen needs a catering gas certificate. We’ll examine the procedures necessary for obtaining credentials as well as the procedures for initial and renewal certificate issuance.

Your gas appliances can receive a thorough gas safety check from one of our commercial catering engineers. They will guarantee that your gas installations and appliances are secure and compliant with gas safe register regulations. The appropriate gas installation certificate of compliance for your gas appliances will be issued by our gas-safe registered engineer, who will also point out any potential issues and provide official gas safety records.

Gas safety certificate records:

You have a responsibility under the law to make sure the gas safety certificate records for your gas appliances and installation are current. Additionally, you must guarantee that all locations with operational gas equipment are properly ventilated. For your upcoming gas safe compliance certificate inspection, give us a call!

Your insurance provider, local government officials, the Health and Safety Executive, and in the case of catering establishments, environmental health inspectors, may all request to see your annual gas safety records.

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Our fully licensed gas engineers can visit your location at your convenience and offer advice on the appropriate systems and appliances, ensuring that you get the right solution with the proper output, energy utilization, and performance.

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With professional, quick assistance for your LPG boilers, we can provide you with access to unmatched industry professionalism and knowledge. You are in the safest hands possible thanks to our Gas Safe engineers.

When you work with us, you will have access to the best experts in the field because of the friendly, proactive customer service we provide. Our team can make sure that all of your LPG systems are operating as efficiently as possible and that you are fully compliant with all industry and governmental standards.

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