Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to our offer of the first hour being free for NHS employees, seniors living in poverty, and the vulnerable: –

  1. NHS employees must present a valid NHS card;
  2. OAPs over 65 who are in genuine need ONLY. Although we won’t be verifying your credentials, we reserve the right to evaluate your qualifications.
  3. The fact that you are a weak person who needs daily assistance, which affects your income, will be undeniable and beyond dispute.
  4. The offer is only valid for residents of the W2–W14 postcode area.

Quotes must be accepted within 30 days of submission. The price quoted is no longer valid if the customer asks to delay installation one month or more after Gasworks is prepared to move forward. Gasworks is allowed to charge a reasonable additional fee to cover the additional expenses if the installation work needs to be suspended, changed, or completed outside of regular business hours at the customer’s request.

If asbestos or another substance of a hazardous or potentially hazardous nature is found while the work is being done, Gasworks will abide by any applicable local, state, or federal laws as well as any other requirements that may need to be followed before work can resume. If this leads to more work than what this estimate is intended to cover, an additional fee might be applied. Gasworks won’t be liable for any work associated with the removal, should that be necessary; the customer will be in charge of leaving the working area secure, though, if the material should be left in place without modification or additional work.

Every visit requires a minimum of one hour, and we bill by the hour. Every hour that we work past the hour will be charged in full. Time spent travelling to get materials will be charged (up to a one-hour maximum).

Gasworks will only provide a quote and carry out the installation if the customer first obtains all necessary licenses, authorities, or permissions, including the landlord’s or local council’s approval.

Gasworks disclaims all liability for any defects in the boiler, heating system, or other parts. This includes any harm done to ornaments, fixtures, current pipework, cylinders, or tanks as a result of the routine installation or removal of fixtures and fittings.

Note: Although they are uncommon, leaks, airlocks, or blockages that may occur on systems as a result of power flushing, rodding, or installing pressurized systems cannot be accepted as responsibility. Even though power flushing is very effective, blockages may not always be cleared. Gasworks cannot be held liable for any damage sustained during the removal of carpets, wooden floorboards, other floor coverings, etc., despite taking every precaution possible.

By agreeing to this quotation, the customer acknowledges that there might be additional costs or work that wasn’t anticipated at the time of our survey. If Gasworks takes on the remedial work, there will be a fee.

Any missing parts or flaws will be the customer’s responsibility if they provide their own materials. Gasworks reserve the right to charge extra fees for any unforeseen delays.

We reserve the right to charge you for any time and materials used if you instruct us to complete work or purchase materials and then cancel the order. The fees will be in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.

Guarantee. For the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty on all parts or equipment we supply, we provide a 12-month labour guarantee. Within 12 months of the completion of the work, if you are not satisfied with our work, you must notify us in writing and allow us to come to inspect the work and perform any necessary corrective work at our expense. We reserve the right to charge for the time it takes to replace a part if it needs to be replaced during its guarantee period. 

Only a written document signed by our duly authorized representative and you will be able to release, discharge, supplement, interpret, vary, or modify these terms and conditions. Any terms and conditions that you use, include, outline, or make reference to in any documentation that you send to us are superseded by our terms and conditions. You agree unreservedly to waive the application of any of these terms and conditions by entering into a contract with us.

If a leak or damage happens while we are performing our regular work, we will not be held liable. Among other things, this entails clearing a sludge filter, and getting access to the boiler, and other system components.

Upon completion of commissioning, all outstanding balances for works must be paid in full by debit or credit card or via internet or telephone banking transfer. On any unpaid balances owed to us, a 4% monthly interest fee will be applied. The time that our representative spent performing the work will be the total cost to you. It could take up to an hour to get the materials.

If you pay with a credit card, there will be a 3% surcharge if the total is more than £500.