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EJ Gas Plumbing & Heating offers a broad range of LPG gas services, such as the supply, installation, and maintenance of commercial LPG boilers, appliances, and systems.

All Commercial Sectors Serviced

Our knowledgeable and fully licensed engineers can offer LPG solutions for all industries and workplaces, from manufacturing to retail, ensuring a thorough service that satisfies your needs.

Our fully licensed gas engineers can visit your location at your convenience and offer advice on the appropriate systems and appliances, ensuring that you get the right solution with the proper output, energy utilization, and performance.

We are specialised in
LPG plumbing / LPG Gas repair / LPG heating repair

With professional, quick assistance for your LPG boilers, we can provide you with access to unmatched industry professionalism and knowledge. You are in the safest hands possible thanks to our Gas Safe engineers.

When you work with us, you will have access to the best experts in the field because of the friendly, proactive customer service we provide. Our team can make sure that all of your LPG systems are operating as efficiently as possible and that you are fully compliant with all industry and governmental standards.

Our LPG services cover :


Our gas safe specialist also has all the tickets and qualifications to work on the following:

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